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27/8/2021 Bilsdale Mast Fire - Latest News

Sadly, the TV reception outage is completely out of hands but we continue to provide guests with the latest information when it becomes available to us.

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On 10th August, there was a fire at the Bilsdale transmitter which disrupted signal to many households. Since 11th August, engineers have been able to restore some channels to around 400,000 households by installing temporary transmitter towers at Eston Nab and Arncliffe Wood and also re-configuring relays in the area. As a result, more areas are now able to receive channels. Meanwhile, engineers have been able to restore more channels - for example, Teesside TV returned for some viewers.

The plan to restore viewing from Bilsdale has been delayed
The only way to truly replicate the service from Bilsdale is to erect something similar near to the original site, which has been difficult given the nature of the incident. A temporary transmitter at the same site should reinstate TV coverage for the vast majority of households who normally receive signals directly from Bilsdale.

The job of locating transmission equipment involves complex work to assess coverage areas, ensuring line of sight while avoiding interfering with other transmissions, and also taking into account the environment in which they are located.

The transmitter operating company, Arqiva, plans to erect a temporary transmitter at Bilsdale which is a Site of Special Scientific Interest, meaning it has to seek agreement to do this.

The plan had been to erect the temporary transmitter at a new site by the existing transmitter by 28th August. This date has now been delayed as the legal process to secure access to the site is taking longer than Arqiva had initially anticipated.

Arqiva has informed the court that this is a serious and urgent situation. Meanwhile, Arqiva is trying to reach agreement with the landowner to speed up the process.

We share viewers’ disappointment that the new temporary mast at Bilsdale has been delayed, particularly at such short notice. However, we have faith that Arqiva is doing everything in its power to reach a new access agreement with the landowner.


We would like to remind guests that our wifi service does not allow for streaming - please do not be tempted to access any web-based programming during this interruption. Thanks

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