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Slingsby Duck Race
  • Slingsby Duck Race

    Slingsby Duck Race

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1/6/2014 Friends of Slingsby School - Duck Race

On 28th June the Friends of Slingsby School (F.O.S.S.) will be holding their annual duck race. Over 1500 little yellow ducks will make their way down Slingsby beck to help raise money for Slingsby School

Each child will be asking family, friends, family work colleagues (and guests) to sponsor a duck. The child that gets the most sponsors will win the coveted "Duck Shield".

Why am I telling you this?

If you follow our twitter account you will know that Littlemiss11 leaves primary school in just a few weeks time. She would love to have her name on that shield for the final time.

How can you help make that dream come true?

You can sponsor a duck or two! Each duck costs £1 to sponsor - and if your duck crosses the line first you will win £60.

You can sponsor a duck in several ways:

1. Call into reception on or before 27th June where you will find a sponsor form

2. Send a cheque, for as many ducks as you would like, made payable to Friends Of Slingsby School with your name and address to Miss S. Palmer-Bunting (Ducks), Robin Hood Caravan Park, Slingsby, York. YO62 4AP

3. Email Beki - - add duck to the subject line and we can arrange a paypal transaction.

4. Call Beki on 01653 628391 with your credit/debit card details - a minimum 5 ducks with this option please.

Thank You

All proceeds from the duck race will go to the Friends of Slingsby School and as chairperson of F.O.S.S I would like to thank you on behalf of the 52 children attending our school.

And as Sophie's mum, I thank you for helping with her final primary school wish.

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